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      Pujol - Netflix, Traffic and Conversions

      June 14, 2021

      Netflix receives an estimated 400 million visitors per month to it's streaming platform. Needless to say their influence in culture and business nowadays is simply incalculable.

      In 2016 the second season of Chef's table came out and on episode 4 they introduced Enrique Olvera a well-known up-and-coming Mexican chef and its signature restaurant Pujol.

      In late 2015 the website was receiving an estimated 400 unique visits per month. After the documentary aired this number rose all the way to 25K unique visits per month or 62 times its previous traffic, reaching a high of 40K in 2019.

      The average conversion rate for a service-based website like can be anywhere from 1-3%. The current price of a 7-course meal at Pujol is around 170$ USD. This means that at 25K visitors per month or 300K annually, Netflix's 1-hour episode increased Pujol's online annual conversions by (300K* 0.02 * 170$ = 1,200,000$) per restaurant.

      I obviously can't take any credit away from Enrique, he is an incredible chef and he had built an incredible reputation before Chef's Table even existed. But this single 1-hour piece of content multiplied its online presence well beyond what he could have ever dreamed of.

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