Jorge Alejandro Diez (Call me Ale)

      The Death of Linkedin

      September 02, 2021

      I understand the irony, but

      When you think 'professional social network', you think LinkedIn right? However top competitors like Twitter and Facebook have been actively developing features targeting the same market for a couple of years now. Not to mention apps like Clubhouse and Tik Tok which boast the engagement and content creation numbers Linkedin could only dream of.

      Linkedin has lost its relevance in recent years, it has become nothing more than an online resume. I still see the value in terms of SEO, particularly when it comes to screening potential connections and making sure they have done what they said they did. Nevertheless what started as a place to network and connect with people similar to you has turned into a feed with irrelevant content and unengaging groups and events.

      I still believe Linkedin is a valuable platform, it is still after all the biggest networking platform with 740 Million + users, but it's missing incredible opportunities highlighted by its top competitors. Some interesting features I would love to see on this platform would be:

      Provide incentives for creators so content is better.
      A salary calculator feature or salary comparison like Glassdoor
      Company and member reviews.
      Some sort of Interview Prep feature that can connect you with people to do mockup interviews with.

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